Life has been a whirlwind since last I had something to say here four or five months ago. I accepted a new job, we moved, and I had to say goodbye to my best friend. To be honest, the bees have not been very interesting since they swarmed in May and I basically started from scratch with a new queen due to errors. They’re hanging in there, adjusting to their new location, but it’s winter here in Sacramento and too cold to open the hive unless there is something urgent that I need to do, like give them some more food.

The most interesting day was moving day where nothing went to plan. We woke at 3am to duct tape shut the entrances and load them into the truck. If you know me, you understand how committed I was to their well-beeing that I was up that early to get on our way. I was on the road by 4:30am to beat the worst of the day’s heat. I opened the truck at about 1pm after chatting briefly with our new neighbors.

Opening the U-Haul containing the bees

That was the best day we had. Immediately after our arrival, our dog was ill; he’d likely been ill, we just didn’t know it. One week later he was gone. At Samhain, I was talking with a dear friend who encouraged me to share Jonah’s stories; we had twelve years of adventures together. So for a bit, likely for the winter until the bees become active again, this blog will be a different sort of bee-longing.