These are just a few of the references I’ve found and used as I commence my education as a beekeeper. I’m creating this page primarily so I can find this information again down the road when I need it, and I hope you will also find it helpful.

Guest Contributions

Submitted by Jenna who is creating her own pollinator garden for her Girl Scout Flower Garden Badge.  Thank you for thinking of the pollinators and for improving this page!


  • First Lessons in Beekeeping. Keith Delaplane. 2007.
  • The Beekeeper’s Handbook, 4th Edition. Diana Sammataro, Alphonse Avitabile, Dewey M. Caron. 2011.
  • Honeybee Democracy. Thomas D. Seeley. 2010.

Online Classes/How-to Videos

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Native Plants (California focus)