When Jonah first came into my life, I was quite the stickler about rules. I crate-trained him so he would have a place of his own and, more importantly, so he would not have the opportunity to create much trouble. For the most part, it worked wonderfully and we only had one destructive event, which was entirely my fault. Despite his comfort with his crate, he always wanted to be on my bed as a youngster. I think this is because that’s also where the cats slept so he thought he should sleep there too. His logic was sound, but it was only a queen-sized bed and that seemed like way too many bodies in one bed. Plus, the cats weren’t thrilled that I’d added a canine to our pride. Eventually, I relaxed the rules and he was allowed up there. I had to beg him to join us on our bed when he was older, as he preferred his special orthopedic mattress (which was basically the same mattress type we used only thinner) since he didn’t need to climb up onto it.

Once he’d graduated to sleeping outside of the crate over the course of a few months, I bought a larger dog bed for him. Over time, we accumulated quite a few beds to the point that he had one in every room. The earliest beds, from when Eini was alive, were cheap ones from Costco. I used to tell Jonah that I’d buy him a really nice one once Einstein died because Eini had a penchant for peeing on Jonah’s bed as a way of expressing his displeasure with his failing kidneys. Poor Jonah. We’d all head to the room and our beds, and Jonah would just stare at his. I’d ask what was wrong and Jonah would look at me…look at the bed…look at me. That’s when I’d realise Eini had done it again.

I’d only had Jonah for a short time when we went to visit my mum. She had a little chihuahua-pug mix and various beds appropriately sized for such a small dog. I was working on her computer in the office and I heard Jonah come in to be close to me. I assumed he’d sprawl comfortably on the carpet there. But no. I looked over to find him curled into a bed that was many sizes too small for him. He seemed a little disturbed by it but was also content to curl up there.

Jonah in Buddy’s bed

The first time he was allowed to stay at my dad and Sharon’s home, Sharon was kind enough to buy him a bed and some toys, not knowing that we’d bring things from home for him. He was thrilled to have presents! (I’ll write more about his love of gifts in another post.) Even though the bed was a smidge too small for him, he slept on it while we were there. We left the bed in the front room upon our return home until we could figure out where we wanted it, but Jonah liked it there and it became a favored sleeping place. It didn’t matter that it was too small; someone had gifted it to him and that made it special.

Jonah on the bed Sharon gifted him.

He had five different beds at the time when he passed and I couldn’t look at them without thinking about him so I piled them all into the dining room, a room where I rarely went since we’d left our old dining set behind when we moved. I hope the SPCA, where they were eventually donated, was able to get use from them and that the dogs there can feel some of the love infused in their fibers by the years Jonah used them.